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Gardening and landscaping services
Manafa provides a full range of landscaping services for commercial and residential facilities around the KSA, as our team of specialists in the field of gardening and landscaping services provides the following:

1- Implementation and planting of gardens
2- Regular garden maintenance
3- Irrigation and water management services and systems
4-Designing and implementing garden lighting systems
Manafa is responsible for designing and implementing social initiatives that contribute to raising the level of social responsibility of enterprises and companies to enhance the organization’s identity and its obligations towards society
Manafa aims to be a pioneer in innovation in its field through the development of a variety of products that meet the needs of the customer and its establishment and comply with the requirements of the local market
Facilities Management and Services
We provide integrated and sustainable facilities management services through a group of specialists in various fields.

1-Maintenance and repair of facilities, including mechanical, electrical, civil and architectural works
2-Preventive and proactive maintenance
3-External and internal cleaning
4-Facilities sterilization and disinfection services
5-Rehabilitation and restoration of existing buildings
6-Smart technology solutions for buildings and facilities
7-Energy efficiency solutions and products for buildings
8-Fire-fighting systems
9-Camera surveillance systems

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