Facilities disinfection and sterilization services

Various types of commercial buildings, both offices, educational institutions, gyms, clinics and centers of plastic surgery as well as centers with the reporting of cases of severe, recreational, nurseries, schools and malls exposed significantly to  different bacteria and here can for steam cleaning and special disinfectants that we use to kill accurately and get rid of, Regular streptococcus, salmonella, limonella, listeria or evolea, for example, but not limited to a large number of germs with which we have recorded excellent results. We rely on non-corrosive sprays and strong steam cleaning solutions that allow us to perform our tasks without interfering with the normal functions of office equipment, computers, ports, mains, and microwave ovens. All things that employees, visitors and customers will come into contact with will be completely purged, and unpleasant odors will be removed in accordance with the criteria considered clinically clean.

Our cleaning system is a great way to ensure that germs and bacteria are disintegrated with dirt, stains and residues at the molecular level and then safely removed from the carpet through the cleaning solution and rinsing process.

As is the case with carpets and rugs, we can completely clean hard floors with less hospitality for germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi for survival. Place We can then use the same disinfectants at the level of these surfaces, with the addition of the use of hard floor polishing machines following the disinfection process.

Some advantages of haze sterilization and disinfection with spray mist

All sterilizers are perfume free to avoid allergens.

The materials used for sterilization in sprays are environmentally friendly, safe and can be used in kitchens and furnishings.

Aseptically, it does not affect surfaces, devices and screens and does not cause corrosion.

Our technicians perform double sterilizations of all handles and places that reach their hands periodically.

Our technicians shall not perform sterilization or disinfection operations except after thorough cleaning by the customer or by a benefit team – as agreed.

Ensure sterile materials cover all areas and tools on site using sterile flux change techniques for each space.

No cleaning required after disinfection and disinfection

The most important services that we provide to the residential sector
  • Coronavirus  sterillzation service
  • Disinfection services with materials approved by the US Epidemic and Disease Control Center
  • Periodic and preventive sterilization services using local sterilizers, manufactured by 3M American Company
  • Disinfection and sterilization of curtains, sofas and beds by steaming completely using a set of materials and sterilizers for that.
  • Solid and wood floor disinfection and sterilization services
  • Air conditioner disinfection and sterilization services

Prices and offers for disinfection and sterilization

Special offers for mosques

It starts from 30 halalas per day for daily visits according to the area and contents of each mosque Mosque sterilization offers through multiple monthly and annual contracts (one visit per week – two visits per week) and provide sterilizers and tools for daily sterilization as well as daily examination and free training for mosque workers

Special offers for commercial malls

Mall offers start from 110 halala


Offers of headquarters and commercial sites

The headquarters and commercial sites offers start from 95 halala


 Residential sector offers

Residential sector offers start from 85 halala


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